We are Terriniel Scales Inc.
Exclusive Distributor of: LOADMASTER SCALE U.S.A.

Terriniel Scales Incorporated has been the sole distributor of Loadmaster Scale business for the last Thirty (30) Years with its Main Office, Storage and Steel Fabrication Facility located in Sucat Paranaque.

Founded in 1990, we have since sold over 500 Units to over 400 Companies and counting, with clients ranging from SME’s to Multinational Companies.

Such as I.C.T.S.I , Northport, Asian Terminals, San Miguel Corporation, CEMEX, Universal Robina Corp., JG Summit Petrochemicals Corp., Allgemeine-Bau-Chemie Philippines Inc., Oillink International Corp., Gardenia Bakeries, just to name a few.

Our Products

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Our Services

Terriniel Scales Incorporated delivers innovative service solutions to maximize continuous operation and minimize downtime, designed around the requirements of your business in today’s global economy.

Civil Works

We build foundations for Truck Scales of All Sizes from Ramps, Bumpers, Traffic lights ranging from Above Ground Foundation, Full Pit, Semi-Pit to Floor Scale Foundations.


Our Fabrication plant located in Sucat Paranaque imports high standard Structural Steel Made In Korea supplied by Remington Steel Corporation complete with Mill Certificate to ensure quality.

Turn-Key Installation

Our experienced engineers along with welders & technicians with professional credentials will assemble your new LOADMASTER Truck Scale. Guaranteed & equipped to do the job precisely for a Turn-Key installation in a timely manner.

Truck Scale Calibration & Maintenance

After a Scale Turnover / Conversion / Parts Replacement & Etc. We will continue to maintain our After-sales services with our clients while maintaining high quality working standards to retain your business.

Parts & Repairs

After a visit to your site, plant, factory, we will assess, measure and recommend the right scale for you! We GUARANTEE our replacement parts ( ex. Load Cells for 2 years, Structural steel for 5 years) technician’s workmanship and overall quality to have your Scale up and running!

Standard & Customized Software

We offer Standard Software that can provide Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly worth of reporting of transactions through our Standard Software. Audit trucks through Plate Number, RFID, Bar Codes & Etc. Customize software to adjust weight of commodities based on factors such as Moisture, Dust, and factors that suit your commodity.
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How we standout from our competitors?

Our focus is not just to sell Truck Scales, we provide WEIGHING SOLUTIONS for the benefit our Client’s business needs.

Our USA partners in Truck Scales, Loadmaster, USA has been a Trusted Brand in Philippines for the last 30 years. We credit our long-lasting products due Loadmaster Patented Technology allowing our Truck Scales to survive through Rough Weather, Environmental and Trucking conditions.

Our partners in Bagging Scale & Accessories, Jem Intl. is not only renowned in the USA but also all over the world for their SUPERIOR Quality and Innovative approach to Bagging Scales, Conveyors, Hoppers, Bag Closing Equipment, Robotic Palletizing and Automatic Bag Hangers.

We have over 35 Years, worth of Knowledge in Scales & Weighbridges in all scale aspects including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Software. Reliable After-Sales Service, Highly skilled quick responding technicians available 24/7 for less customer downtime & high Satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Terriniel Scales and what is Loadmaster and Jem International?

Terriniel Scales Inc is a Philippine Company that has carried the Loadmaster brand located Findlay Ohio brand since 1993 as a sole distributor as well as carrying all types of bagging scales from JEM International located in Shawnee Kansas. As part of our agreement, we receive Engineering, Technical, Mechanical, Electrical training from our Principal Providers. We import essential parts such as Load Cells, Indicators, Circuit Boards, Chips & Etc. We have continually sent Technicians to their Facilities for Training and we are Grateful for the full support they have shown us over the years. In return, we will ensure that our Workmanship will match the quality of their products that have made them known throughout their respective field of business.

How Much Truck Scale Capacity Should We Get?

We can customize your scale and have it at 30, 40, 50 60, 100-200 Tons. Depending on your need, we will recommend the right scale for you whether you’re a Batching Plant, Cement Plant, Feed Mill, Rice Mill, Paper Plant, Landfill, Port Services, Earth Crushers, Food Processing & Etc.

What is the suitable Length of Truck Scale for us?

We can have 9 to 15, 18 to 24 Meters Divided into 3 or 4 (Loadcell) Sections depending on our client’s allowable space while also taking into consideration the amount of maneuvering, truck flow, Safety of workers and ease of operations.

How do I know which Model of Truck Scale we should get?

We kindly request to schedule a Free On-Site appointment with our clients for us to predetermine important factors such as; location, commodities to be weighed, Road accessibility, Airborne Salinity, need for software integration, security & Many important factors that will help us find the right weighing solution for you.

What Type of After Sales Support Services do you provide if my scale breaks?

To save time and money, we initially provide support to our client’s via phone and email Free of Charge if those problems can easily be mitigated, however, If it requires our visit, we will promptly visit and have essential parts and accessories with us to save our client’s time and prevent prolonged breakdowns and further interruptions on your production.

How Do you provide Truck Scale Maintenance?

For Our Hundreds of client’s that we maintain regularly. We provide routine calibration, checkup of links, pins, loadcells, main girders. Every Scale part is essential to a Scale’s Accuracy. We can also replace Electronics, Accessories, Repair structural steel, Concrete Foundations. Upon Turnover please read the manual on how to maintain your scale and protect it from hazards.

How Fast and how Far can you deliver?

With a couple measurements, we can fabricate our structural steel in our Fabrication Plant in a couple of days, we then deliver to Anywhere in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and have delivered in parts of Southeast Asia. For concrete decks it is between 30-45 days depending on curing time, we will have the scale turned over along with its Foundation. For All-Steel Scales, we will have it installed and ready in 1-2 weeks.

How can we Ensure the accuracy of our Scales for audits such as ISO, Government and business partners?

Our Technicians and Test Weights are DOST-ITDI certified, At certain calibrations we have Government representatives be present during our Buildup ( Calibration ) procedure.

Clients We Work With